Introduction to Ayurvedic Medicine                                                                        

Ayurvedic medicine is India’s own traditional system of medicine. People often do not understand when the role of Ayurvedic Medicine best comes into use. There are two types of diseases—acute and chronic. In a simple language, acute problem comes and goes whereas chronic problem stays in your body on regular basis and does not go away. Ayurvedic medicine should be best used to treat a disease which keeps on occurring again and again or stays in the patient in a recessive form. Such a disease would be categorized as a chronic disease. Ayurveda helps the patient in getting rid of such chronic diseases permanently.

 Example of acute attack and chronics diseases                                                                      

Citing an example a patient gets an acute attack of cold, flu, influenza or a viral  fever which is a result of attack by certain bacteria or viruses giving symptoms of sneezing, running nose, blocked ears and sputum in the throat. Then, in a few days, these symptoms subside on its own. Here we can make use of allopathic medicines only to give symptomatic relief. When symptoms like these require you to take medicine on a regular basis, that is when Ayurvedic medicine comes into play. A body getting  up with the above said symptoms on a daily basis can actually decrease the quality of life  to a great extent especially it if requires you to take some anti-allergics, steroids or antibiotics on a daily basis.

Role of ayurveda in healing chronic diseases                                                                

Ayurveda has the ability to give relief to patients whose diseases have reached a chronic stage. According to Ayurveda, our bodies are made up of three Doshas(दोषा )-Vata(वाता)(space and air), Pitta(पित्ता)( fire and water), Kapha(काफा)(water and earth). Each Dosha(दोषा ) control the different body functions.The imbalance between the three Doshas(दोषा ) leads to a Disease stage in chronic form. Ayurvedic medicine aims to put the Doshas (दोषा )in Samyak Awastha (balanced state) so that the body functions in a proper way.

In Ayurveda, we focus not only on medicines but a correction of lifestyle as well—Ahaar(आहार)  and Vihaar(विहार )  i.e. modulation in one’s diet and exercise as well. Now coming back to our example of chronic disease, patients gets up with sneezing, running nose or bout of breathlessness on a regular basis.When this particular problem is discussed, the allergy-causing these symptoms on a regular basis cannot be ignored. An attack by bacterias, viruses or any allergens are ultimately giving us the symptoms and causing the disease. Giving anti-allergies and steroids everyday will have its own side-effects, so working on the imbalance caused by the Doshas(दोषा ) and increasing the immunity of the body and correcting the lifestyle which is an integral part of Ayurvedic medicine generates tremendous results. 

Adopting a healthy lifestyle to break the Chronicity                                                          

To break the chronicity of a disease, lifestyle plays a very integral role.So making it more understandable to you in accordance with our discussed disease, putting two drops of cow’s ghee helps us to create a barrier in between the polluted environment and our nasal mucosa which continuously gets irritated by allergens. The patients are advised to clean the nostrils with saline water before going to bed to get rid of the ghee put in the nostrils in the morning in which the allergies have adhered themselves to without irritating the nasal mucosa.To break the chronocity, my dear friends, how can we treat the Doshas(दोषा ) in the body and ignore the culprits i.e. allergies in the environment? Only prescribing ayurvedic medicines would have helped as much as leading your life in accordance so as to put the Dosha(दोषा ) back into Samyak Awastha i.e. balanced state of Doshas(दोषा ).Thus with an example, I have tried to explain how in chronic problems, aryurvedic medicines teamed up with particular lifestyle play a pivotal role, in bettering your health, therefore making it clear as to when to shift over to Ayurveda when many options in terms of pathies are available to you.