Ayurvedic Wheat Allergy Treatment

Wheat allergy commonly occur in children.. On consuming wheat items like chapatis, bread, and various bakery items , children many times feel discomfort in their stomach. Many of them experience constipation and sometimes pain in the abdomen as well.

However, Arogyam offers ayurvedic wheat allergy treatment as an effective & natural approach.

  • Reduction of Hb levels in the body 
  • Affected Weight and height 
  • TTGA blood test results positive
 (Dr. Satnam Singh & Dr. Harveen Kaur)
As a VIP speaker On Ayurveda in British  Parliament (UK)
 (Dr. Satnam Singh & Dr. Harveen Kaur)
As a VIP Speaker on Ayurveda in British Parliament (UK)

Ayurvedic Treatment

Arogyam recently presented scientific research papers in the treatment for various allergies and became the first one to do so. We are appreciated for our natural techniques to cure allergy patients with Ayurveda, since 1999.

Here at Arogyam, we provide Wheat Allergy Care pack which is a combination of precious herbs so that we can provide the best treatment offering:

In allopathy, there is no treatment. But in Ayurveda texts, “Mandhagni” of stomach and gut is know to cause wheat allergy. Arogyam Ayurveda provides “Wheat Allergy Care Pack” which works on:

  • Increase in the digestion of nutrients resulting in better growth. This increases weight, height, and even haemoglobin level of blood for effective growth of kids.
  • Wheat allergy care pack is a herbal product which is  meant to give strength to the intestinal cells, thus reducing the sensitivity towards wheat. This is performed by increasing the “Jatharagni” of the gut.

WHEAT ALLERGY CARE PACK consists of the following given products made by Arogyam’s M.D Ayurveda doctors with the best experience in Ayurveda


  • Arogyam food for allergies (Powder): 5 gm of this powder in the morning and another 5 gm in the evening with warm water
  • Liver Care Capsules: Take 1 capsule twice a day with warm water after finishing your meals
  • Agnitundi Vati: Take 1 tablet twice in a day with warm water after finishing your meal
  • Chitrakadi Vati: Take 1 tablet twice in a day with warm water after finishing your meals

Products of  Wheat Allergy Care Pack

  • Arogyam for food allergies: This is a unique combination of Ayurvedic herbs and ras ausahadis mentioned in Ayurvedic texts. The product is known to helps patients with lowered jathaagni. It helps in increasing the digestive agni of the body as well as strengthens the gut and intenstines to tolerate all kinds of food.
  • Liver care capsules: Our liver secretes various juices which assists in the digestion process but, a sluggish liver can hamper our digestion process, thus leading to food intolerance. Liver Care Capsules consist of effective natural herbs like bhoomi amla and Punarnava Mandur that help in overcoming various food allergies.
  • Agnitundi Vati: It is a shastriya yoga penned down in Ayurveda texts. This helps to increase the digestive power of the body.
  • Chitrakadi Vati:  It is a shastriya yog penned down in Ayurveda texts. It helps to digest and assist in the assimilation of the food which we eat.

Wheat Allergy Diet for Patients

  • Consume gluten free wheat
  • For wheat allergy patients, following are the best grain foods
    • Barley (best substitute)
    • Corn
    • Oat
    • Quinoa
    • Rice

Why Should You Avoid Bakery Items in India?

  • In India, there is a lack of awareness about the available gluten free products. So most bakers do not know about gluten free foods.
  • Even biscuits, pies, breads, cakes, and pastries consist of wheat. You should start considering gluten free options in the bakery shops.

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