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What People Say

“Hi! I am Petra from UK. I was suffering from skin allergy with excessive itching and rashes. I tried treatments from different parts of the world but steroids furthermore worsened my condition. While surfing internet, I came across Arogyam and ordered their medicine online. It has miraculously worked for me and now I am free from skin allergy. Ayurveda is great!”

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Petra Roberts

Skin Allergy 

“I have been suffering from nasal allergy, too much sneezing, runny and blocked nose, red, itchy and watery eyes. Taking too much anti-allergics deteriorated my health. I got treatment from Arogyam Ayurvedic Centre for 3 months. It cured my allergy and has made my life so much comfortable.”

Sr. Harvel Singh Saini

Throat Allergy

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“I was suffering from wheezes in chest and breathlessness along with severe sneezing and congestion. It made my life hellish. Taking antibiotics or steroids only made my situation worse. I was recommended about Arogyam by my friend. With their treatment, I am cured now and have got rid of my chest allergy.”

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Ram Lubhaya

Skin Allergy 

Constant sneezing and irritation in the nose were a constant part of my life. No matter which spray or drops I used, the relief was always temporary. One day, while surfing the net, I came across Arogyam’s proven research-based home remedy that cures nasal allergy. After ordering Arogyam’s cow ghee and putting 2 drops in nostrils every morning for about three weeks, I got considerable relief and my sneezing reduced. I started seeing Arogyam as a credible institution and decided to consult with one of their Ayurvedic doctors over the phone. Today, seven months later, sneezing is the least of my concerns and I have Arogyam to thank for that. 

Tess Jacobs, United States of America

Nasal Allergy

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I spent over 9 months taking medicine for my skin rashes. Nevertheless, antiallergics failed to provide a long lasting cure. One day, while discussing my frustration with a friend, he informed me about a similar case of allergy in his family who had gotten it treated by an Ayurvedic Centre in India. The results had been surprisingly quick and effective. After learning about his experience and doing some research of my own, I decided to visit India myself and get treated from the same Ayurvedic clinic. The doctor I consulted with informed me about my condition which was called hives and took out the time to educate me about the problem. In addition to prescribing herbal medicines, the doctor also provided me with a thorough list of do’s and dont’s for skin allergy that I religiously followed. I believe that a wholesome treatment is what truly cured this problem and I would recommend Arogyam to my friends and family for its authenticity and genuine concern for their patient’s well being.  

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Jack Williams, United Kingdom

Skin Allergy (Hives)

One morning, I woke up with mild rashes on my armpits and some redness around it. I put a lotion on it and thought that they would subside with time. However, within a few days, the rashes started getting much worse. Fluid started oozing out from my armpits. The itching was so severe that I couldn’t stand still for more than five minutes without having the urge to itch my armpits. It got hard to concentrate at work and sit through work meetings as well. Then, a friend recommended me to consult Arogyam in India over the phone and get medicines delivered at my doorstep. I had no prior experience with Ayurveda but I decided to trust my friend’s experience. After a thorough phone consultation, the doctor informed me that a potential cause could be the roll-on that I was using and advised me to make some changes to my lifestyle and diet in addition to taking the Ayurvedic medicine that they prescribed. My problem got visibly better within a few weeks. It has been six years since then and my problem never returned. 

Maria Garcia, Canada


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I was a religious user of hair colours and dyes for a long time. However, using these products so frequently didn’t turn out well for me. White, flaky skin started forming on my hairline and after a lot of consultations, I still wasn’t sure what the real problem was. Initially, I was led to believe that it was dandruff but once it started spreading behind my ears and to other parts of my body as well, I was confused. Consulting Arogyam turned out to be a great decision for me as I not only learnt about the real nature of my problem but also received proper recommendations about the food, soap and shampoo that I followed. Getting an Ayurvedic perspective proved beneficial as I was able to truly understand the problem and fight it using Ayurvedic medicine as well some changes to my diet and lifestyle.  

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Donald Campbell, Scotland