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Make These 8 Lifestyle Changes for a Super healthy Life

Make These 8 Lifestyle Changes for a Super healthy Life

Your health is the greatest asset you have. Often, people get too busy in fulfilling their responsibilities and other obligations that they tend to shrug off their health. Eventually, reality hits them in the long run when they start facing certain health issues. Henceforth, they realize the gravity of brushing aside their health. Your health should be topping your priority list because everything will work out, only if you are able enough to make it work. Your body is a temple and it needs care. Lifestyle and health goes hand in hand. Your day to day choices and lifestyle determine your health.

Ayurveda focuses on improving lifestyle to maintain the health of the healthy and cure the disease of the sick by its roots. Ayurveda supposedly originated 6000 years ago and entails holistic healing with the use of medicinal herbs. It emphasizes that every person has a different constitution (Prakriti). Hence, there are no universal food or lifestyle habits which work for everyone. But, there are certain lifestyle changes everyone should make for a healthier living.

Merely consuming loads of veggies or protein with regular workout, isn’t sufficient for a healthy lifestyle. You need to adopt a holistic approach which involves the refinement of daily habits as well. Often, it’s your daily habits which impact you in a way that you are barred from having a healthy lifestyle. Fix these habits and you’ll be granted good health with longevity, spark, vigour, and ecstasy in your life. These 8 lifestyle changes may seem trivial but they can cause vast improvement in your health. Without any further delay, let’s have a look at these changes for a healthier living:

1) 7 Hours Of Good Night’s Sleep Is A MUST

At least 7 hours of proper sleep is requisite for everyone irrespective of their age. Achieving your target within a stipulated time frame or watching that one more episode is, of course, a delight. But, you need to consider the negative impact of losing out on your sleep as well.

  • This puts you at a higher risk of maladies such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer and hormonal issues as well.
  • Sleep deprivation isn’t healthy for your mental well being. It devoids you of the rationality and may trigger anxiety, depression, mood swings such as irritation, frustration, and annoyance.
  • Lack of sufficient sleep leads to imbalance between the doshas i.e. Vata, Kapha, and Pitta which can further cause sleep disorders.

7-8 hours of sleep is ample for the healthy functioning of the body. Having adequate sleep keeps you enthusiastic to face challenges and increases your concentration as well as productivity. It boosts metabolism and aids in weight loss by burning calories so you won’t face difficulty in maintaining your weight.

An Additional Plus Point: Proper sleep prevents weight gain as cravings would be avoided. 

2) Never Skip Your Breakfast

In today’s busy life, people keep on working all day long. It’s quicker and more convenient to grab a cup of beverage than to have a wholesome breakfast.

But skipping breakfast is so not good for your health.

  • It irritates Sadhaka Pitta, a subdosha of Pitta which maintains temper and brings ecstasy and fulfillment. An imbalance of Sadhaka Pitta leads to uncertain emotions as well as irritability.

So always stuff up your tummy in the morning with wholesome breakfast which may constitute of blended juices, fruits, butter toast, oatmeal, eggs, poha, upma, vegetable dalia, besan cheela, sprouts salad, paranthas, and yogurt. 

3) Munch Food Only When You Are Hungry

Sometimes you eat not because you are hungry but because it’s your favorite dish so it’s irresistible for you. You need to realize that you must eat only when you are hungry and know that the previous meal you ate has been thoroughly digested. It is then that the Agni in your tummy is geared up to digest the next meal.

  • If you eat when there is no hunger then it would lead to certain Kapha disorders such as weight gain. It also results in poor absorption of nutrients as well as indigestion (heartburn, belching, bloating and so on).

So, shun that extra slice of pizza or paratha if your tummy is already full! 

4) Bid Adieu To Smoking Or Drinking Excessive Alcohol

Smoking or consumption of excessive alcohol leads to the imbalance of Tridoshas i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha which further leads to health issues.

There’s not even a single perk or attractive thing about smoking. Myths like it relieves stress, gives you size zero or makes you an awesome badass if you are puffing it fuel smoking addiction.

  • Contrary to all this, smoking just degrades your health by causing cardiovascular and respiratory disorders, as well as causes, diversified vision, and eye problems.
  • Sometimes, smoking aggravates the imbalance of the body to an extent that the person suffers from cancer of the lungs, throat, sinus, mouth, and others.

Drinking booze is the new fad. Many people sip it cause they believe that they can’t have as much fun as they will by being tipsy and tripping all over, speaking gibberish or passing out. Kudos!

  • Drinking excessive alcohol every day does no good. Rather, it has serious impacts such as lack of rationality, hiccups, bloating, slurred speech, liver or heart damage, hallucinations, inflammation of the pancreas, bone thinning, fatigue, shrinkage of brain and blackout.

So, it’s better not to drink alcohol and if you do then always sip it in limits!

5) Do not multitask while eating

Catching up on your favourite series, working on your presentation, scrolling your facebook or instagram feed or doing other things while having meals is a good pastime. Isn’t it?

Also, most of the people have a hectic schedule so they often gobble the food or take little bites hastily while standing, walking or travelling in their car.

  • But this is not right as it causes an imbalance of doshas, overeating and\ digestive issues like bloating, acidity, occasional constipation or heartburn, stomach discomfort, nausea and fatigue after eating.

You should always eat mindfully by sitting in a relaxed posture. Mindful eating makes the food taste a lot better and you won’t overeat because you’ll soon feel satiated. 

6) Refrain yourself from junk and preservatives

It’s so delectable to hog onto those juicy hamburgers, processed finger licking nuggets and all the junk. But these have zero nutritional value and a lot of short and long term side effects. Canned, frozen, or packaged foods are quick to prepare and quicker to finish because they are just so yummy.

  • The harsh reality is that these foods are harder to digest so they lead to the creation of ama i.e. toxins.
  • Also, they are are not fresh and are composed of harmful ingredients such as chemical preservatives to prevent them from getting spoilt . Along with the accumulation of ama in the body, it also prevents nourishment of the cells and leads to obesity, heart diseases, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, memory impairment and digestive problems.

So eat fresh homemade food to stay healthy! 

7) Never Subdue The Natural Urge Of Your Body

Most of the times, we tend to ignore our natural urges because it is uncultured and obviously against etiquettes to relieve them in public. Burping is treated as a sin….isn’t it?

But do you realize the price you have to pay in the long run for suppressing these bodily urges (i.e. urge to pee, sneeze, cough, burp, flatus and so on).

  • Suppression results in a disturbance of vata which furthermore leads to health problems such as bloating, gas not leaving the body, acid reflux, etc.

So, it is significant to respect your natural urges and respond timely to them. Attend your natural urges on priority because suppressing them means suppressing your life.

8) A Few Minutes Of Meditation And Breathing Exercises Can Pave Way To Joyous Life

Amongst all the hustle and bustle everyday and despite of working out out at gym, you need to take out some “me time” for yourself.

  • Even few minutes would be effective.
  • But in these few minutes, you need to tune out of the world by sitting down in a relaxed posture and closing your eyes.
  • This would enhance your memory, concentration and aid you in managing further events efficiently as well as refrains from stress.

Many people feel meditation is boring because it requires a person to divert their attention towards divinity. But, actually meditation isn’t about focusing upon a particular person, place or thing. Instead it’s about becoming thoughtless and relaxing oneself. In our busy lives, we often neglect relaxing even for few minutes. This leads to prolonged restlessness which aggravates causing too much stress, anxiety, panic attacks, digestion problems and other health disorders.

You should also practise Pranayama (breathing exercise) to rejuvenate yourself.

  • It strikes a balance between the doshas by improving the supply of oxygen and other significant nutrients to the nanoscopic channels of the body.
  • Breathing exercises aid in battling depression, gaining control over emotions and unnecessary thoughts as well as reduces the risk of hypertension.

This soothing practice is followed by millions of people to be glee in their stressful lives and to stay fit so that they can exploit their full potential.

Now that we have listed certain changes for a healthier life, we really hope that you work on yourself. Reading this won’t help if you are not determined to work on it. So, fix your habits for a healthier and blissful life.

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