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Ayurvedic Treatment of Seasonal Allergy

Seasonal allergy is a common condition with mild to severe symptoms which hamper the productivity and daily tasks of people. About 10–30% of the global population suffers from seasonal allergy. Some get rid of it within a short span while others suffer from it throughout their life if they do not seek a proper treatment. There is no permanent treatment for seasonal allergy in Allopathy. People may get quick relief with allopathic treatment but the allergy will reoccur which is a sheer wastage of time as well as resources. 


What is Seasonal Allergy?

Nasal allergy in a particular season is called seasonal allergy. It eventuates from exposure to airborne substances such as pollens, grass, wheat thresh, rice husk, molds, smog, etc which appear during certain times of the year. It is characterised by nasal congestion, watery eyes and nose, sneezing, itchy throat and drainage of secretions down the throat. 



The patient experiences one or more of these symptoms: 

  1. Itchy, watery and red eyes
  2. Blocked or runny nose
  3. Too much sneezing
  4. Congestion in nose, face and ears
  5. Falling of phlegm in the throat
  6. Irritation in the throat and coughing


In severe conditions, the person may experience:

  1. Wheezes in the chest 
  2. Heaviness in head 


Trigger Factors

  1. Pollens from flowers during Spring season
  2. Trees such as mango, neem, eucalyptus, pine, birch, etc
  3. Ryegrass
  4. Wheat thresh during harvesting season and rice husk during paddy season
  5. Smog in winter season
  6. Insect bites and stings in Spring and Summer season
  7. Molds in Monsoon or Rainy season

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A proper treatment should be taken for seasonal allergy as shrugging it off can cause the following complications:


  1. Untreated season allergy can lead to chest allergy.  According to the Nutritional Healing, America’s #1 Guide to Natural Healing, more than 50% of the asthmatic patients have previous history of seasonal allergy. 
  2. If you are already an asthmatic patient, then seasonal allergy may flare up your asthma which can be life threatening. 
  3. Outgrowth of nasal mucosa due to which polyps are formed in the nose. They further obstruct breathing and increases the allergy.
  4. Sinus congestion or sinusitis.
  5. Congestion in the ears which further puts pressure on eardrum and can cause hearing loss or ear infection.
  6. Falling of phlegm or nasal secretions into the throat can cause tonsillitis also.
  7. Patients become dependent on decongestants, antihistamine, antiallergics and steroids which reduce their immunity and may cause permanent shrinkage of lungs. 


Ayurvedic Perspective of Seasonal Allergy


In ancient Ayurvedic texts, seasonal allergy comes under the category of Dusht Pratishay (an imbalance between the Pitta and Kapha Doshas). The Ojas i.e. the immunity and the Jatharagni i.e. the digestive fire should be taken care of while treating a patient suffering from seasonal allergy. Chitrak(Plumbago zeylanica), Haridra(Curcuma longa), Tulsi(Ocimum sanctum), Pippali(Piper longum) and Amla(Phyllanthus emblica) are the herbal medicines which are commonly used for the treatment.

Single Best Home-Remedy for Seasonal Allergy


Put two-two drops of pure desi cow’s ghee in nostrils in the morning so that pollens and other allergens do not come in contact with nasal mucosa for whole of the day. Nose gets protected from allergens. Hence, no allergic reaction.


Tips To Manage Seasonal Allergy


  1. Keep your windows shut in order to prevent exposure to pollens.
  2. Always wear a dust mask while going outside on windy days.
  3. Limitate going outside when the pollen concentration in the air is high.
  4. Quit smoking and avoid exposure to passive smoking as well.
  5. Wash your mattresses in hot water at least once a week to get rid of unwelcomed allergens.
  6. Remove carpets and stuffed toys.
  7. Fix water leaks to prevent molds from growing.
  8. Use dehumidifiers to reduce humidity.
  9. Clean coolers, air conditioners, water dispensers, refrigerators weekly.
  10. Vacuum and mop your floors everyday to prevent accumulation of dust or pollen.
  11. Wash and brush your pet because your beloved pets are the breeding places for allergens as well. 

Arogyam’s Ayurvedic Treatment of Seasonal Allergy


Traditionally used medicines in allopathy i.e. decongestants, antihistamine, antiallergics and steroids have several short and long term side effects. They do not cure the allergy from its roots so you are likely to suffer from seasonal allergy yet again. Arogyam Ayurveda is an Allergy Expert Institute. We have been doing extensive research on all types of allergies. Arogyam allergy experts have cured thousands of seasonal allergy patients and bestowed them with permanent relief. Arogyam is the first Allergy Institution to present research work on “Allergy Cure” on world’s top research platform in Germany. 


We focus on treating with herbs such as Chitrak(Plumbago zeylanica), Haritaki(Terminalia chebula), Haridra(Curcuma longa), Tulsi(Ocimum sanctum) and Giloy(Tinospora cordifolia).

Ayurvedic Doctors at Arogyam have prepared a special formulation for seasonal allergy known as “Arogyam For Allergies(U.R.T)”. It is a combination of rare herbs in a specific ratio according to our research work and ancient texts.


You can get this special formulation at your doorstep followed by a free weekly consultation by our Allergy Experts

Arogyam For Allergies(U.R.T)

(Capsules for seasonal allergy) 

Product Description 

Scientific Research papers on this medicine, Arogyam for Allergy have been approved by European Academy of Ayurveda. It is a safe treatment which renders permanent immunity and cures seasonal allergy effectively from its roots.


2 Capsules – 2 Capsules – 2 Capsules

Morning – Afternoon – Evening

Daily – Daily – Daily 


Chitrak haritaki(Plumbago zeylanica and Terminalia chebula), Haridra Khand(Curcuma amada and sugar) , Laxmi Vilas Ras Nardiya, Praval Panchamrit Rasa Mukta Yukta, Abhrak Bhasma and Pravel Pishti(Coral calcium). 

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