Urticaria Allergy Care Pack

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  • D.S.A: You have to consume 5 gm in the morning and another 5 gm in the evening
  • KHADIRADI VATI: consume a tablet once in the morning and another tablet in the evening
  • CURCUMIN TABLET: You have to take a tablet once in the morning after meal and another tablet in the evening.
  • URTIPLEX LOTION: Arogyam’s skin pack consists of various items (bakuchi, manjishtha, and neem) in their natural form. This assists in treating the skin locally which makes it smooth.


  • DSA: (Arogyam for Urticaria Skin Allergy) this is a blend of various natural herbs that help in the elimination of the allergic toxins from your blood. D.S.A. has already various proven results in patients suffering from urticaria.
  • KHADIRADI VATI: This single herb is known to clear your skin from the harmful toxins. It helps in reducing itching in the patients too.
  • Lippu Ointment: the ointment assists in reducing redness and itching. This ointment helps the skin by eliminating the toxins. It cherishes the skin.
  • AROGYAM  URTICARIA SKIN PACK: This skincare pack has several items like bakuchi, manjishtha, and neem in their pure & natural forms which helps in the treatment of the skin locally, thus, helps to make it smooth.


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