Pollen Allergy Care Pack

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  • Arogyam U.R.T Capsules: consume 2 U.R.T Capsules in the morning and 2 U.R.T Capsules in the afternoon. Also consume 2 U.R.T Capsules in the evening after your meal with warm water.
  • Chitrakharitki Avleha: 1 teaspoon of Chitrakharitki Avleha two times in a day with warm water
  • Kanchnar Guggal: (60 tablets) 1 Kanchnar Guggal tablet in the morning and 1Kanchnar Guggal tablet in the evening with warm water
  • A.R. GHEE: You have to put 2 drops of A.R. GHEE in nostrils every morning
  • CURCUMIN TABLET: 1 CURCUMIN TABLET in the morning after your meal and another CURCUMIN TABLET in the evening after your meal


  • AROGYAM U.R.T. CAPSULES: a rare blend of several Ayurvedic herbs and ras aushadis penned down in the classical Ayurvedic texts. It gives relief from symptoms of nasal polyps like sneezing. Also, it helps to lessen the size of polyps and prolong balance between immunity and allergy.
  • KANCNAAR GUGGAL: In the occurance of polyps and hypertrophy, KANCNAAR GUGGAL  lessens the swelling of the nasal membrane
  • CHITRAKHARITKI AVLEHA: It is an avleha written in the classical Ayurvedic texts which helps the patients to balance their jatharagni alongside with three more doshas in a samyak avstha. This reduces various symptoms such as nasal polyps bleeding and many others.
  • CURCUMIN TABLET: having both antibiotic & anti-inflammatory properties, CURCUMIN TABLET is a known potent herb. It boost your immunity which later help to prevent various allergic disorders as well as is beneficial for the treatment of nasal polyps.
  • A.R. GHEE: This medicinal oil is a unique mix of desi cow’s ghee and Anu Tailam. You can insert this oil in your nostrils to fight allergies. It makes a blockade on the top of nasal mucosa so that allergens can be stopped from entering inside the nostrils.


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