Allergic Rhinitis/Dust allergy

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  • Arogyam U.R.T Capsules:- take 2 U.R.T capsules in the morning and 2 U.R.T capsules in the afternoon and 2 U.R.T capsules in the evening  after finishing your meal with warm water.
  • Chitrakharitki avleha:- take 1 teaspoon twice in a day with warm water
  • Kanchnar guggal:- take 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening with warm water.
  • A.R GHEE:- You have to put 2 drops of cow’s ghee in your nostrils every morning.
  • CURCUMIN TABLET:- Consume 1 CURCUMIN TABLET tablet in the morning and 1 CURCUMIN TABLET tablet in the evening.


  • AROGYAM U.R.T. CAPSULES: a combination of several natural herbs and ras aushadis written in the classical Ayurvedic texts. It assists in giving relief from symptoms of nasal polyps. It reduces the size of polyps and makes a balance among immunity and allergy.
  • KANCNAAR GUGGAL: For the conditions of polyps and hypertrophy, KANCNAAR GUGGAL helps in reducing the swelling of nasal membrane
  • CHITRAKHARITKI AVLEHA: It is an avleha mentioned in the classical Ayurvedic texts which assists the patients in balancing the jatharagni alongside 3 more doshas in a samyak avstha. It reduces allergy signs such as nasal polyps bleeding.
  • CURCUMIN TABLET: This tablet is antibiotic & anti-inflammatory. It is also a known potent herb. It assists in boosting your immunity which further helps in fighting against various allergic disorders as well as helps in the treatment of nasal polyps.
  • A.R. GHEE: It is a rare mix of cow’s ghee and Anu Tailam. This is a pure ayurvedic oil that is directed in the nostrils to fight various allergies. It assists in forming a barrier on the top of nasal mucosa to prevent the entry of several allergens inside the nostrils.


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