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Keshya Rakshak Hair Oil

Keshya Rakshak Hair Oil

Keshya Rakshak Hair Oil


Keshya Rakshak is an ayurvedic product beautifully created by Arogyam.It’s formula is based on the experience of ayurvedic doctors who have been seeing the results on different kinds of hair problem patients in their experience of 20 years.It is a hair oil which is a combination of essential ayurvedic herbs and Soya protein. A hair oil should not only have herbs but proteins as well because protein is the actual food for hair shaft and roots.


What makes Keshya Rakshak different?


  1. It is not just herbs but also contains proteins which is good for hair.
  2. It is the only oil which has Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba) in an adequate ratio as mentioned in ayurvedic texts.


When to Use Keshya Rakshak?


  1. Every healthy person needs to oil his hair at least once a week to avoid any hair related problem. 
  2. It has a balance of herbs to prevent hairfall, hair thinning, alopecia, patches on skin. You can consult our ayurvedic doctors for better results in case any medication is required along with it.
  3. It is an ideal combination for dandruff, itching and small eruption or pustules on the scalp due to the presence of palash beej and Neem in their combination.
  4. The Soya protein gives softness to the hair, reduce frizziness and makes the hair soft and lustrous.

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