Hay Fever Treatment in Ayurveda

These seasonal allergies generally take place in spring seasons. A huge amount of pollen is found in the air during this season. When you come in contact with these pollen through your nasal mucosa or your eyes and lungs, it leads your eyes and nose to go itchy, red, and watery.

These are some of the allergic responses of our body in reaction to various airborne items for example pollen grains. Arogyam has always followed effective ways for hay fever treatment with the help of ayurvedic herbs with no side effects.

However, the symptoms and treatment of pollen allergy truly depends on the particular time of year and the season. Moreover, it depends on the item or thing that a person reacts to and catches allergy.

 (Dr. Satnam Singh & Dr. Harveen Kaur)
As a VIP Speaker on Ayurveda in British Parliament (UK)
 (Dr. Satnam Singh & Dr. Harveen Kaur)
As a VIP Speaker on Ayurveda in British Parliament (UK)

Ayurvedic Hay Fever Treatment

Arogyam’s doctors have presented research papers  covering all the aspects of treatments for various allergies. Arogyam, since 1999, is known for its natural techniques to cure allergy patients with Ayurveda.

Arogyam provides Hay Fever Allergy Care pack. It is a mixture of natural herbs to provide the best hay fever treatment

HAY FEVER ALLERGY CARE PACK consists of the following given products made by Arogyam’s M.D Ayurveda doctors with the best experience in Ayurveda

The following products are developed by a team of Ayurveda doctors from Arogyam


  • Arogyam U.R.T Capsules: You have to consume these capsules six times in a day. Consume 2 capsules in the morning, another 2 in the afternoon and last set of capsules in the evening.
  • Chitrakharitki Avleha: A teaspoon with warm water, twice a day
  • Kanchnar Guggal: You have to consume a tablet in the morning and another tablet in the evening
  • A.R GHEE: Every morning, you have to add only 2 drops of desi cow’s ghee in your nostrils
  • CURCUMIN TABLET: You have to consume a tablet in the morning and another tablet in the evening


  • AROGYAM U.R.T CAPSULES: A mixture of several herbs and ras aushadis as mentioned in various Ayurvedic texts. These capsules provide relief from various symptoms of hay fever. 
  • KANCNAAR GUGGAL: It also assists in reducing the swelling of nasal membrane In conditions considering polyps and hypertrophy
  • CHITRAKHARITKI AVLEHA: It is an avleha mentioned in Ayurvedic texts which helps to balance the jatharagni together with three other doshas. This helps in reducing symptoms of allergy..
  • CURCUMIN TABLET: This tablet is a known potent herb. It is antibiotic & anti-inflammatory both. It helps in enhancing the immunity which  helps in treating various allergic disorders.
  • A.R. GHEE: It is a unique combination of desi  cow’s ghee and Anu Tailam. This is a 100% herbal oil. This oil is directed in the nostrils to fight against allergies. It helps to block the top of nasal mucosa to avert the allergens from entering inside the nostrils.

Why are Ayurvedic Medications preferred rather than Allopathy?

  • Ayurvedic medications are 100% natural and pure, hence have no side effects. Arogyam has treated patients suffering from HAY FEVER via Arogyam’s Hay fever treatment.

Single & simple Hay Fever remedies

  • In the morning, leave two drops of desi cow’s ghee in your nostrils
  • The 2 drops of ghee makes a huge blockade on the top of nasal mucosa which helps in preventing the allergens from entering the nasal path.
  • Considering doing Pranayam every morning
  • Consider doing tivar bhastrika pranayam.
  • You are advised to take your medicine on time
  • Avoid consuming cold, fry and sour foods. Also, we advise you to not eat rajma, black dal, rice and banana.
  • Rinse your nostrils with saline(salt) water before going to bed.

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