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Ayurvedic Treatment of Eyes Allergy 

Let us make you familiar with the bitter truth that there is no permanent cure of eye allergies in allopathic treatment.

  1. Being Ayurvedic Allergy specialist, we treat patients with a holistic approach and render them with a permanent immunity.
  2. We have been doing extensive research on allergies from the last 20 years which aids in curing allergies from its roots.


What is Eye Allergy?

Eye allergies or eye conjunctivitis is characterized by itchy, red and watery eyes. It is mostly associated with sneezing, blocked nose or watery nose, falling of secretion in the throat, ringing sound in the ears etc.


How You Catch Eye Allergy?

Allergy particles like dust, pollens from the flowers and pollution particles go to eyes. This causes inflammation of the eye tissues, leading to itchy, watery and red eyes.  


Why Eye Allergy and Nasal Allergy Occur At The Same Time? 

Eye and nasal membranes are of the same nature. So, allergy particles which affect the nasal membrane also affect the eye membrane at the same time. Hence, you are more likely to suffer from eye allergy if you are already suffering from nasal allergy. 

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Eye allergy is mostly associated with :- 

  1. Red, itchy and watery eyes
  2. Burning or pain in the eyes   
  3. Too much sneezing, runny or blocked nose
  4. Soreness, burning or pain in eyes
  5. Sometimes the person may develop dark circles under the eyes

What Triggers Eye Allergy?


  1. Wheat husk during harvesting season and rice thresh during the paddy season.
  2. Cosmetics, soaps, shampoos and other chemicals
  3. Chlorine in swimming pools
  4. Humid areas under the sinks and in the bathrooms or in rainy season.
  5. Opening old cupboards, having old newspapers and damp clothes.
  6. Coming out from an AC room to a non AC environment.
  7. Smoke from cooking in the Kitchen (Tadka).
  8. In metro cities and during Diwali when the pollution is very high.

Certain strong smells like perfumes, incense sticks(Agarbatti). 




Untreated eye allergy can cause complications:    

  1. Chronic eye allergy can damage eyes by ulcer formation.



Why Anti-Allergics And Steroids Are Useless In Cure of Allergies?



Anti-allergics and steroids are not better for eye allergy cure.They suppress the allergy for a while, but they do not cure the allergy from its roots and have serious side effects. They reduce the body’s immunity by increasing dependence, so the allergy is likely to occur again. According to a study published in Canadian journal, long term use of 1st generation antihistamine (antiallergics) can cause dementia(madness), memory loss and alzheimer diseases. Steroids can furthermore worsen the allergies causing diabetes, hypertension and so on.


Ayurvedic Perspective Of Eye Allergy? 


In ancient ayurvedic texts, eye allergy has been placed under the category of Netra Abhishyanda. Redness, itching, pain, excessive lacrimation and coating or congestion in the eye are the primary and foremost indication of eye diseases. It can be due to allergy or certain other grave diseases of the eye as well. 


Proven Research-Based Home Remedies For Eye Allergy Patients


  1. According to Bhavnisha, putting cow’s ghee in your eyes in the best and the safest home remedy for eyes.
  2. Putting 2-2 drops of Ark of cow’s urine in your eyes has been suggested in Ayurvedic texts.
  3. Boil Triphala in water, strain and use this triphala decoction water to wash your eyes several times in a day.

Lifestyle & Dietary Changes for Eye Allergy Patients 

Arogyam’s Ayurvedic Treatment of Eye Allergy


Arogyam is pioneer in Allergy specialisation from the last 20 years with a cure rate of over 95% without side effects. Arogyam doctors are

continuously doing research in eye allergy. 


 We have a team of specialised doctors who have expertise in this field and have been dealing with varieties of allergies. We focus on reducing allergy factor (Koth) thus detoxifying the body.


Arogyam emphasizes on Sanshaman Chikitsa. The Sanshaman Chikitsa is a conservative Ayurvedic treatment that constitutes change in diet, performing physical activity (any form of workout regime) and consumption of ayurvedic herbal medicines.


Our whole aim is to treat with herbs such as Amla(Emblica officinalis), Daaksha(Vitis vinifera), Vibhitaki(Terminalia bellirica), Kumari(Aloe vera) and Nirgundi(Vitex negundo). These rare and medicinal herbs do not have any short-term or long-term side effects. These herbs and many more mentioned in our Ayurvedic texts have tremendous effects in overall health of eyes.


Formula(Yog) decided by our genius minds of allergy experts is made according to Ayurvedic shastras in very particular ratio of rare herbs. We

refuse to compromise on our quality. 


Special Formulation (Aushadi Yog) 

Our Ayurvedacharyas (Ayurvedic Doctors) at Arogyam have made a special formulation for all the eye allergy patients. It has cured thousands of patients and relieved them of their eye allergies. This special formulation of “Arogyam For Allergies” pack has been prepared with rare herbs in a specific ratio according to our research work and ancient texts. You can get this special formulation at your doorstep followed by a free weekly consultation by our Allergy Experts. 



To get rid of your eye allergy for good, contact Arogyam at +919216001410 or You can even get our medicine at your doorstep or visit one of our Ayurvedic clinics.  

Ayurvedic Medicine for Eye Allergy

Scientific Research papers on this medicine, Arogyam for Allergy have been approved by European Academy of Ayurveda. It is a safe treatment which renders permanent immunity and cures the eye allergies effectively from its roots.                                                                                            

Ingredients: Chitrak haritaki(Plumbago zeylanica and Terminalia chebula), Haridra Khand(Curcuma amada and sugar) , Laxmi Vilas Ras Nardiya, Praval Panchamrit Rasa Mukta Yukta, Abhrak Bhasma and Pravel Pishti(Coral calcium).  

Arogyam For Allergies – You can also contact us through email at

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