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It’s High Time You Switch From Green Tea to Ayurvedic Tea

It’s High Time You Switch From Green Tea to Ayurvedic Tea

If you are reading this article, I am sure you are concerned about your health. Often, people tend to adopt wholesome measures after being troubled by certain allergies or health issues. As a beginner, they generally begin by trying innumerable healthy trends. Most of these are scam which do not reap them benefit but, certainly take a toll on their wallet.

Consumption of fluids is vital in maintaining the optimal health. It makes the body disease-free by keeping it hydrated. You should drink at least 8 glasses of fluids everyday. A big no-no! to daily consumption of sugar-sweetened carbonic or fizzy beverages.

When you think of healthy beverages, green tea comes spontaneously to our mind, doesn’t it?

But, did you know there is another beverage which has far more nutritional benefits without posing any side effects? Yess! Such a beverage does exist and it is known as Ayurvedic tea since it’s prepared from medicinal herbs.

Regular consumption along with changes in lifestyle i.e. diet, sleep cycle, work out, etc are required for maximal benefits.

What is herbal green tea?

This beverage is prepared from the dried leaves of Asian Camellia sinensis plant and contains high level of antioxidants.

Listed below are some benefits of herbal green tea. Let’s have a look at the positive impacts :

1) Revamps Skin

Our skin is incorporated with free radicals which results in the formation of the wrinkles, inflammation, cancerous changes in the skin and the aging spots in the people. The superfighter antioxidants in herbal green tea neutralizes the impact of these radicals thus, slowing down aging process.

2) Green Tea for weight loss

Does green tea help with weight loss? It is the constant question that everybody pops up before switching from sugary soft drinks to this herbal drink. People drinking green tea may burn extra 70-100 calories per day and have an enhanced metabolism. Thanks to the antioxidants called catechins! But, sadly it won’t be magically effective or deliver incredible outcomes of weight loss if you don’t sweat yourself out by building muscles.

3) Boon for heart and diabetic patients

By drinking a daily cup of green tea, you are at a lesser risk of developing cardiovascular disease later in life.

Diabetic patients tend to put rigorous efforts to maintain their blood sugar level. Green tea can be handy because the catechins in it blend with the blood and reduce the glucose level of the body.

4) Impedes cancer and neurodegenerative diseases

Green tea often claims to have polyphenols and the anti-carcinogenic agents which terminate the growth of cancer cells, smashes them and prevents the growth of new blood vessels in tumors. However, evidence from certain scientific studies does suggest that consumption of green tea may reduce your risk of developing cancers but, the credibility of this evidence has not been proved.

Catechins of green tea aids in preventing neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease during aging. They not only shield the brain but also boosts the memory.

5) Oral Health

Green tea maintains dental hygiene by preventing the growth of viruses and bacteria. It also aids in curbing problems like swellings, bad breath, decay, tartar, caries and plaques.

Now that we are thorough with the green tea, let’s acknowledge Ayurvedic Tea.

What is Ayurvedic Tea?

Ayurvedic tea is a mixture of pure herbs mentioned in our Ayurvedic texts like Charaka Samhita, Vagbhata, Sushruta Samhita, etc. It can be disease-oriented Ayurvedic tea or can be a generalised Ayurvedic tea which can be used to drink daily. Ayurvedic tea is planned in such a way that the quantity of herbs is in a proportion which can be taken on a daily basis. It works by balancing the doshas of the body. Diseases are caused due to imbalance of doshas. This healthy beverage is like an energy boost which keeps the doshas in a balanced state and thus, keeps the body disease free.

There are numerous advantages that a person can attain from the cups of this ace drink:

1) Beauty enhancer

Struggling to get rid of wrinkles, acne, pimples or blackheads?

Tired of getting spotty breakouts?

Does your skin get flaky or irritant?

Yearning for an impeccable clear skin?

Want to enhance the beauty of your skin?

Even cosmetic stores have started promoting certain products with the essence of Ayurveda for exorbitant rates because these products are herbal beauty enhancers without posing any short-term or long-term side effects. Consumption of Ayurvedic tea reaps similar benefits. Regular consumption will cleanse and purify the skin, making it smooth and clear. It prevents aging and gives an everlasting glow.

 2) Energy booster

Ayurvedic tea is a natural drink which boosts the level of energy in your body. This caffeine free beverage increases energy so you can effectively carry on with your tasks without feeling fatigue. So, whenever you feel tired, grab a cup of Ayurvedic tea!

 3) Immunity enhancer

Ayurvedic tea is a holistic supplement which aids in boosting immunity. It builds up immunity which keeps the body disease free as well as helps in quick recovery from previous illnesses. Thus, it is instrumental in keeping the body free from cancers, heart diseases, diabetes, allergies, bacterial and viral infections such as cough, cold etcetera etcetera.

4) Weight Loss

It’s an utmost challenging task to lose those extra kilos merely by exercising and dieting. To get rid of that stubborn fat, you need to ignite the digestive fire within yourself and flush out the toxins. Ayurvedic tea is a fat burner which helps in detoxifying the body and you won’t regain the lost weight yet again. So, sip ayurvedic tea to lose!

5) Stress Buster

In today’s life everyone is stressed. Every being has his own kind of stress which can be due to work issues, family issues, responsibilities or dissatisfaction with one’s own performance. This stress is quite harmful for our body as it triggers ailments such as heart diseases, allergies, digestive issues, high cholesterol, anxiety and hypertension which furthermore leads to an an imbalance of the doshas i.e. vata, pitta and kapha in the body. Ayurvedic tea aids in supplying consistent oxygen to the brain and increasing blood circulation which strikes balance between the doshas. Thus, it relieves the body by calming it and helps in coping up with the stress.

6) Bid adieu to digestive issues

This healthiest beverage on the planet aids in improving the overall performance of the digestive system. An inefficient digestive system cannot remove all the toxins from the body due to which the person faces certain digestive issues such as indigestions and chronic disorders i.e. chronic constipation, acidity and so on. Ayurvedic tea increases metabolism by detoxification i.e. removing the harmful toxins from the body.

7) Enhances memory

Ayurvedic tea is prepared from herbs which has healthy properties so it aids in healthy functioning of the brain and improves memory as well. Gingko biloba, a herb which is often used in Ayurvedic tea, is efficacious in reducing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

8) Healthy heart

Ayurvedic tea gives you sound health with a healthy heart as well as improves the likelihood of surviving after having a heart attack. It prevents clots by enhancing the blood flow in vessels.


Why You Should Swap Your Green Tea With Ayurvedic Tea ASAP?

Now that you are well aware of the perks of green tea, let us make you familiar with the bitter truth that green tea has equivalent side effects as well. Following are the risks or complications you should know before sipping it lest you face severe health issues later on.

1) Insomnia

Consumption of green tea can lead to insomnia due to the caffeine content in it. Caffeine has a stimulating effect, which may interfere with sleep thus, disturbing the sleep cycle and affecting the body in innumerable ways. A wrecked sleep pattern is a nightmare so, anyone who is facing this problem, should avoid sipping it.

2) Iron deficiency

Women lose iron every month due to menstruation. So, they are in dire need to maintain the iron levels in their body in order to prevent anemia. Drinking green tea can decrease the iron levels and folic absorption in the body as the tannins present in it impedes the assimilation of the iron in the intestines. If you are pregnant, planning to conceive or breastfeeding, then you must totally avoid it as it can cause development and birth complications like premature birth, low birthweight of the baby and even fatal deaths.

3) Caffeine content

Green tea contains high level of caffeine which hinders calcium absorption. Loss of calcium would affect your bone health and you are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis. The caffeine in green tea can make anxiety worse, leading to anxiety disorder as well as increase in the risk of bleeding, making you suffer from blood disorder. Also, it can make your heartbeat irregular making you suffer from heart diseases.

4) Digestive problems

Tannins present in green tea increases stomach acid which causes indigestion, stomach ache, heartburn and constipation. It can cause irritation of the lining of the stomach which can further cause bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness and nausea.

5)  Kidney issues

Kidney stones are composed of calcium combined with phosphoric or oxalic acid. Green tea is quite rich in oxalic acid due to which it can damage your kidney. You can even suffer from liver damage by consumption of green tea extract supplements.

6) Loss of Appetite

Green tea makes you feel full or stuffed which leads to the loss of your appetite. This way the body gets devoid of vital nutrients requisite for its healthy functioning.

7) A big no-no for young children

Young kids shouldn’t consume green tea at any cost as it may interfere with growth hormones and blocks nutrition absorption.

Now that we have enlightened you with the right reasons to avoid green tea so, you should refrain from sipping it. Instead, go for Ayurvedic tea. It is definitely better than green tea as it is a mixture of herbs which increases the metabolism but does not contain caffeine.For example, a patient of hyperthyroidism cannot take green tea because the metabolism is already high but can take ayurvedic tea because it is caffeine free. Ayurvedic tea has zero side effects. People often complain about the tasteless or bitter taste of healthy beverages, but Ayurvedic tea tastes better due to its constituents being  banafsha(Viola odorata), brahmi(Bacopa monnieri ),cinnamon(Cinnamomum verum), saunf(Foeniculum vulgare), tulsi( Ocimum sanctum) and other herbs. If you are not diabetic then you can furthermore add jaggery to your ayurvedic tea for sweet taste.

Arogyam has its own Ayurvedic Tea that is quite popular among our patients. It is composed of banafsha, tulsi, sauf, Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis), rose petals, Chamomile tea and dal cheeni(cinnamon). You can also get your own ayurvedic tea prepared according to your doshas.

Let the diseases not strike you. It is high time you switch over to a daily basis of immunity and good health. If you haven’t, then do give it a shot and we promise that you won’t regret it.

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