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Ayurvedic Treatment of Asthma

It’s quite saddening that every year nearly 4 million people die from asthma. It’s a very serious condition that needs to be treated prudently without any delay. Often, people turn to allopathic treatment for quick relief but allopathic medication just gives a short term relief. It increases dependency by weakening the immune system so the patients start experiencing asthma flare ups yet again. 


What Is Allergic Asthma?

Allergic Asthma is the inflammation and narrowing of the bronchial tubes(airways) in the lungs due to allergy particles. 

While breathing, you inhale certain foreign particles such as dust, pollens, molds, etc. Some of them may drain down into your lungs. When your body is hypersensitive, it produces allergic reactions upon coming in contact with these allergens. This causes the airways to narrow, swell and produce extra mucus leading to wheezes in the chest, coughing, shortness of breath, and chest discomfort or tightness in the chest. 


Most Common Allergy Particles

  1. Pollens
  2. Smoke
  3. Certain foods
  4. Wheat or rice thresh
  5. Dust mites
  6. Air pollution
  7. Passive smoking
  8. Airborne contaminants
  9. Pet dander (especially cats and dogs)  

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Patients may experience one or more of these symptoms:

  1. Wheezing
  2. Chest tightness
  3. Rapid breathing
  4. Congestion or phlegm in the chest
  5. Cough with mucus expulsion or flecks of blood
  6. Shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing
  7. Sore throat
  8. Itchy throat, nose and eyes
  9. Persistent sneezing 

What Triggers Allergic Asthma?


  1. Stress overload
  2. Rigorous exercise
  3. Smoke from cooking in the kitchen (Tadka)
  4. Wheat husk during harvesting season and rice thresh during the paddy season
  5. Painkillers like Aspirin and ibuprofens can make your allergy worse
  6. Strong odors including aromatic lotions, perfumes and incense sticks
  7. Mold Spores in humid areas and leakages under sinks, basement and kitchens.
  8. Coming out from an AC room to a non AC environment
  9. Higher levels of pollution in metropolis and during Diwali 


How Does Fungal Growth Leads To Allergic Asthma?


Certain fungi are normally present in our respiratory tract. Too much humidity in the atmosphere activates these fungi and causes sensitization of nasal as well as respiratory mucous membrane. This leads to allergic asthma. In such cases, immunity needs to be increased to stop the growth of fungus.




Shrugging off allergic asthma can cause the enlisted complications:

  1. Untreated asthma is hazardous as coming in contact with the triggers may flare up the asthma. This can be an emergency for the patients and turn fatal.
  2. Prolonged use of steroids, pumps, inhalers and bronchodilators for the treatment of asthma kills the useful bacteria in lungs as well as the whole body. This causes increased growth of Candida fungi which further aggravates the asthma. Also, these medications pose serious side effects and can cause permanent shrinkage of lungs.
  3. Untreated asthmatic patients are more prone to COPD. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a group of lung diseases with no cure and causes permanent damage to the lungs, making it extremely difficult for the patients to breathe. 

Ayurvedic Perspective Of Allergic Asthma


Asthma is known as “svasa roga” in the ancient Ayurvedic texts. As the name suggests, Svasa means “breathing in and out, ” and roga means “ disease.” Charak Samhita is a comprehensive text on ancient Indian medicine. Five types of asthma such as maha svasa, urdhva svasa, chinna svasa, tamaka svasa and ksudra svasa have been mentioned in Charak Samhita. Asthma is the consequence of doshic imbalance. For the the ayurvedic treatment of asthma, its requisite to determine the balance between the Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas. The patient is rendered a holistic treatment which aids in eliminating the causative factors.


 Effective Home-Remedy For Asthmatic Patients


Arogyam is an acknowledged super specialised center in telling it to the masses about this home remedy for allergic asthma. Put 2-2 drops of pure, Indian breed desi cow ghee such as Allergy Rakshak Ghee in your nostrils every morning. To keep the ghee away from entering your throat, apply it with your finger only. It will make a protective layer in your nose so that allergy particles cannot touch your nasal mucosa and start allergies. By adopting this simplified effective practice, millions of patients have been saved and cured of their asthma.

Arogyam’s Ayurvedic Treatment of Allergic Asthma


We focus on treating with herbs such as Kantakari(Solanum virginianum),Vasa(Justicia adhatoda), Adusa(Justicia adhatoda), Baheda(Terminalia bellirica) and Kalmegh(Andrographis paniculata). These rare and medicinal herbs do not have any short-term or long-term side effects. They are collected from places where they are harvested in the best form.


Our Ayurvedacharyas (Ayurvedic Doctors) at Arogyam have made a special formulation, known as Arogyam For Allergies(L.R.T) for all the patients suffering from allergic asthma. It has cured thousands of patients and relieved them of their allergic asthma. This special formulation of “Arogyam For LRT Pack” has been prepared with rare herbs in a specific ratio according to our research work and ancient texts. 


You can get this special formulation at your door step followed by a free weekly consultation by our Allergy Experts

Arogyam For Allergies (L.R.T)

(Capsules For Asthma)

Product Description 

Scientific Research papers on this medicine, Arogyam for Allergy have been approved by European Academy of Ayurveda. It is a safe treatment which renders permanent immunity and cures asthma effectively from its roots.


2 Capsules – 2 Capsules – 2 Capsules

Morning – Afternoon – Evening

Daily – Daily – Daily 


Chitrak haritaki(Plumbago zeylanica and Terminalia chebula), Haridra khand(Curcuma amada and sugar), Laxmi Vilas Ras Nardiya, Praval Panchamrit Rasa Mukta Yukta, Abhrak Bhasma and Pravel Pishti(Coral calcium).


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