Ayurvedic Allergic Urticaria Treatment

The patients suffering from allergic urticaria may experience severe itching, red rashes, and many times, swelling too. Rashes appear and go away rapidly. This happens because when the skin reacts to allergens like pollens or get exposed to high temperature and sunlight.

As the industry pioneers, Arogyam is known to cure such allergies. Arogyam has presented a research paper in the European Academy of Ayurveda for the same.

 (Dr. Satnam Singh & Dr. Harveen Kaur)
As a VIP Speaker on Ayurveda in British Parliament (UK)
 (Dr. Satnam Singh & Dr. Harveen Kaur)
As a VIP Speaker On Ayurveda in British Parliament (UK)

Ayurvedic Cure of Allergic Urticaria

Arogyam’s products offer a more comprehensive way to treat urticaria or hives by doing shodhana and sanshman chikitsa together. Our Ayurveda doctors are working 24/7 to treat allergic urticaria patients. Arogyam has specialized in the treatment of such allergies for the last 20 years with thousands of satisfied patients all over the world.

We are the first Ayurvedic Hospital in India to provide URTICARIA CARE PACK which contains a combination of precious herbs in their purest forms.

URTICARIA CARE PACK consists of the following given products made by Arogyam’s M.D Ayurveda Doctors with the best experience in Ayurveda


  • D.S.A: Take 5 gm in the morning and 5 gm in the evening with warm water
  • KHADIRADI VATI: Take 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening with warm water
  • CURCUMIN TABLET: Take 1 tablet in the morning after meal and take 1 tab in the evening after finishing your meal.
  • URTIPLEX LOTION: Our skin pack has several items (bakuchi, manjishtha, and neem) in its natural form. This helps to treat the skin locally, thus, making it smooth.


  • DSA: (Arogyam for Urticaria Skin Allergy) It is a mix of herbs that help clear the blood of allergic toxins which can harm our skin. D.S.A. has shown great results in patients of urticaria.
  • KHADIRADI VATI: This is a single herb known to make your skin clear of toxins which are harmful to your skin. It reduces itching in the patients too.
  • Lippu Ointment: It helps to reduce redness and itching. This ointment clears the skin from toxins. It cherishes the skin and has a soothing effect on the skin.
  • AROGYAM  URTICARIA SKIN PACK:  This Skin pack has several items (bakuchi, manjishtha, and neem) in their natural forms which helps in treating the skin locally, thus, making it smooth.

Why Arogyam Allergic Urticaria Treatment is Better than Allopathy?

  • Arogyam recently presented scientific research papers in the treatment for various allergies and became the first one to do so. Since 1999, people have appreciated Arogyam for its natural techniques to treat allergy patients with Ayurvedic herbs.


  • Drink warm water (small quantity)
  • Have fruits (guava, papaya, pear, peach, and apple, etc.)
  • Eat boiled vegetables.
  • Do pranayam every morning
  • Prefer home-cooked food and avoid fried food. 
  • Avoid pickles and high spices
  • Mild soaps based on glycerine should be preferred
  • Once in a week, mix lemon juice in curd and apply on the scalp. Let it stay for 10 mins and then shampoo.
  • Mix lemon juice in curd and  apply it on the scalp once a week
  • Wash your clothes in warm water.
  • Avoid direct application of the following on your skin: talc, perfumes, and deodorants, roll-ons, hair dyes
  • Prefer to use coconut oil.

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