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Ayurvedic Treatment of Allergic Bronchitis

Allergic bronchitis, also known as chronic bronchitis, is a critical condition that doesn’t go away on its own and reoccurs. It persists for months or maybe years and, if not treated timely, can gravely impact your life causing havoc. Any person can suffer from allergic bronchitis irrespective of their age. Often, people resort to allopathic treatment to overcome it. But allopathic inhalers, bronchodilators, antibiotics or steroids pose several side effects and just suppress the symptoms for a while. They don’t cure the allergy by its roots so the person is likely to suffer from allergic bronchitis yet again which is not only troublesome but a sheer wastage of time and resources as well!


What is Allergic Bronchitis?

Allergic Bronchitis is the inflammation of the airways in the lungs due to allergy particles. While breathing, allergens such as dust, pollens, molds, etc enter your nose and some of them may drain down into your lungs. When your body is hypersensitive, it produces allergic reactions upon coming in contact with these allergens. This causes irritation and swelling of your bronchial tubes which carry air to and from your lungs. Also, you are more likely to suffer from allergic bronchitis if you are already suffering from nasal allergy i.e. allergic rhinitis.

It is characterized by fatigue, chest discomfort, shortness of breath, wheezes in the chest and persistent cough with phlegm. This disease is mostly associated with sneezing, stuffy or blocked nose, watery eyes or nose, ringing sound in the ears, secretions running down the throat, etc. 


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Most Common Allergy Particles


  1. Pollens from flowers i.e. hay fever
  2. Wheat or rice thresh 
  3. Pet dander (especially cats and dogs)
  4. Mold Spores in humid areas and leakages under sinks, basement and kitchens
  5. Smoke from cigarettes and firecrackers or passive smoking
  6. Airborne chemicals
  7. Allergic reaction to foods i.e. milk, yeast, wheat, peanuts, walnuts and sour fruits like oranges, lemons etc..




Patients may experience one or more of these symptoms:

  1. Tightness in chest 
  2. Congestion or phlegm in the chest
  3. Chest wheezing
  4. Body aches
  5. Sore or itchy throat 
  6. Cough with mucus expulsion or flecks of blood
  7. Difficulty in breathing
  8. Continuous sneezing
  9. Runny or blocked nose and sinusitis (commonly known as sinus)

What Triggers Allergic Bronchitis?


  1. Smoke emitted by cooking in the Kitchen (Tadka)
  2. Wheat husk during harvesting season and rice thresh during the paddy season
  3. Painkillers like Aspirin and ibuprofens can make your allergy worse
  4. Stress overload and rigorous exercise
  5. Fragrance emitted perfumes, incense sticks(Agarbatti)
  6. Coming out from an AC room to a non AC environment
  7. Humid areas under the sinks and in the bathrooms or in rainy season
  8. In metro cities and during Diwali when the pollution is very high




Untreated allergic bronchitis can cause complications:

  1.  Prolonged allergic bronchitis can lead to allergic asthma or asthma induced allergy which may flare up and be an emergency for the patients. It can be fatal.
  2. It can also cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) which is a progressive lung disease due to obstructions in the airways of the lungs. It can further lead to very severe breathing problems including difficulty in breathing. Timely diagnosis and treatment can slow its progression so, Don’t Shrug It Off!

Ayurvedic Perspective Of Allergic Bronchitis


Charak Chikitsa Sthan and Sushruta Uttar Sthan have full Adhaya or chapters devoted to chest diseases. Kasa Roga i.e. cough has been mentioned with diversified variety of Kas Rog. Depending on different types of symptoms, it is indicated by distinct causes. Chikitsa i.e. treatment of every sort of Kas has been specially given. Swas Rog i.e. difficulty in breathing due to chest diseases or some allergies have been stated. Amongst the diversified kinds of Swas Rog, Tamak Shwas has been compared with bronchial asthma.Hiccoughs i.e. Hikka Roga has also been stated along with these illnesses. Most of the above listed diseases are caused by aggravation of Pranvayu and when it tries to come out of the mouth with pressure, a sound of Hik Hik is produced or the patient coughs persistently by swallowing phlegm due to which he faces difficulty in breathing. 

Proven Research-Based Home Remedies For Patients Suffering From Allergic Bronchitis


  1. Mix Haridra(turmeric powder) with a glass of milk and drink it thrice a day for quick results.      
  2. Take 2 gms of Saindhav Namak(rock salt) and add it to Til Tel (Sesame seed oil). Warm it and then apply on the chest as well as back. After applying it, inhale steam for 10-15 minutes. It is an excellent Swedana Karma which aids in expulsion of the Kapha or mucous from hidden areas of the lungs.
  3. Take warm water throughout the day.
  4. Mix 2 gms of Pushkarmool(Inula racemosa) with 2 gms of Amla(Phyllanthus emblica). And have it twice a day with warm water or honey.
  5. Take 5 gms of Peepal tree bark(Ficus religiosa) and mix it with honey. Consume this twice a day as it has wondrous effect on bronchodilation. It is a boon for patients suffering from chest allergy or allergic bronchitis and gives respite in breathing.
  6. Drink tea prepared from Tulsi(Ocimum sanctum), Banafsha(Viola odorata) and ginger(Zingiber officinale) twice a day.
  7. Giloy plant also aids in soothing the lining of the throat and inflamed bronchial lining.

Arogyam’s Ayurvedic Treatment of Allergic Bronchitis


We focus on treating with herbs such as Kantakari(Solanum virginianum),Vasa(Justicia adhatoda), Adusa(Justicia adhatoda), Baheda(Terminalia bellirica) and Kalmegh(Andrographis paniculata). These rare and medicinal herbs do not have any short-term or long-term side effects. They are collected from places where they are harvested in the best form.


To get an accurate solution to allergic bronchitis on the basis of your prakriti(constitution), call us at +9192160 01410 for a free phone consultation with our Ayurvedic experts. You can even get our medicine at your doorstep or visit one of our Ayurvedic clinics.  

Ayurvedic Medicine for Allergic Bronchitis

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