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Ayurvedic Treatment of Acne

What is ACNE?

Acne is a scary word that most people fret about. It is seen as the worst enemy of beauty. Three out of four people are commonly affected by it.


This skin condition occurs when hair follicles in our skin are clogged with oil, also called sebum, or dead skin cells. Sebaceous glands in our body produce sebum which is a natural lubricator. It is important for this sebum to come out of our skin naturally. However, when the pores on our face get blocked by pollutants or other filterators, the path of the sebum gets obstructed and it undergoes the process of rotting which ultimately leads to acne. 


While there are a lot of different types and forms of acne, the most commonly observed acne is acne vulgaris. Scarring is a major consequence of acne that adversely affects the skin. It is a nightmare for people so, they give a shot to several medications to get rid of acne and scarring. These lotions, gels, creams, and oral medications have side effects such as skin dryness, irritation as well as can furthermore worsen the condition.



  1. Sore red bumps
  2. Whiteheads 
  3. Blackheads 
  4. Large, solid, painful lumps (nodules)


Trigger Factors

  1. Hormonal Changes 
  2. Emotional Stress 
  3. Menstruation
  4. Oily, Junk or Spicy food 
  5. Frequent Application & Improper Removal of Makeup 
  6. Too much sun exposure

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Acne’s Ultimate Destroyer: The Herbs


Proper use of the following herbs can aid in overcoming acne. 

  1. Khadir (Senegalia catechu)
  2. Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia)
  3. Panch Nimb
  4. Haridra(Curcuma longa)
  5. Kumari (Aloe Vera)


Ayurvedic Perspective Of Acne/Pimples


Acne vulgaris is known as Yauvan Pidika in Ayurveda. ‘Yauvan’ for youth and ‘pidika’ means eruption of the skin. This is because the condition is more prevalent in adolescent teenagers.It is not contagious in nature. Other Ayurvedic names for acne are Tarunya pidika, Mukha dooshika, Padmini kantaka, etc. Imbalance of Kapha and Pitta eventuates impure blood full of toxins leading to eruptions. 

 Quick Fixes to Prevent Acne Eruptions


Stay hydrated

Drink more and more water to increase urination and allow the toxins to exit the body in a different form.


Avoid eating oily or junk food

They increase oil production that can block the pores and cause acne. 


You must wash your face at least twice a day

This cleanses skin and avoids clogging.


Learn how to manage your stress

This would prevent you from having breakouts in the first place. 


Avoid touching your face

A big no-no to touching your face if you haven’t washed your hands in the past hour. 


DO NOT pop your pimples in any case

Popping can make your skin condition much worse.  


Tea tree oil almost always comes up in any acne related discussion

Therefore, it can prove to be a useful remedy to cure the inflamed area.  

Arogyam’s Ayurvedic Treatment of Acne/Pimples


Ayurvedic Doctors at Arogyam have prepared a special formulation for acne/pimples known as “Arogyam DSA”. It is a combination of rare herbs in a specific ratio according to our research work and ancient texts.


You can get this special formulation at your doorstep followed by a free weekly consultation by our Allergy Experts. 

Arogyam DSA 

(Granular powder) (3 X 100 grams) 

Product Description 

  1. Polyherbal Combination
  2. Cleanses the blood and purifies it
  3. Effective and safe treatment for acne.


5 gms. Two times a day or as recommended by the doctor. 


Chitrak(Plumbago zeylanica), Haridra(Curcuma longa), Praval Pishti(Coral calcium), Kalmegh Churan(Andrographis Paniculata), Pippali(Piper longum), amla(Phyllanthus emblica), Manjistha(Rubia cordifolia) , Neem Patra, Khadir(Acacia catechu), Giloy(Tinospora cordifolia) and Malkangni(Celastrus Paniculatus). 

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