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About Arogyam Ayurvedic Centre

Arogyam is a worldwide name in the field of allergy and Ayurveda. Arogyam is pioneer in treating allergies like chronic cold, sneezing, breathlessness, sinus, asthma, bronchitis, skin allergies with Ayurveda. Because of its magnificent results and millions of satisfied patients, Arogyam is worldwide name in treating allergies.


Arogyam has a team of 25 highly efficient and qualified Ayurvedic doctors and many Ayurvedic centres across India.


Arogyam aims to create immunity in our body to fight against allergy and to get rid of the existing congestion. Additionally, we aim to get rid of anti-allergics, inhalers and nasal dropsand provide a permanent cure for the patients who go for repeated nasal surgeries.

Why Choose Arogyam?


Despite the normalized malpractices in the field of Ayurveda, authenticity is one of Arogyam’s core values. Arogyam has always believed in giving authentic Ayurvedic treatment based on the methods suggested in our ancient texts. Nowadays, people are using unfair means to give quick results in the name of Ayurveda. Regardless, Arogyam has been able to give highest number of cure rates in Ayurvedic treatments because of our motto to stick to the highest quality standards and authentic practise.


Arogyam focuses on curing the disease without afflicting the body with side effects. Arogyam believes in giving systemic overall relief and not just treating symptomatically and creating adverse effects on the body in the long-term. We boast of our Yukti i.e. the strategy we use to cure a patient, giving overall relief to the patient. For instance, a patient who is getting treated for cold, cough and sneezing must also be informed about the importance of changing their lifestyle for better and quicker results.


We are so proud of the figures we have to offer in terms of the percentage of giving permanent relief to the patients of all kinds of allergies. With specialized Ayurvedic doctors who have an experience of nearly 20 years in the field of allergy, Arogyam has had a relief rate of almost 90%. We can proudly say that no category of allergy patient is new to us. 


Twenty years ago when Arogyam was born, our success rate was 70% at the time with continuous vigil on improvement. As a result of our meticulous observation and assessment of patients, we can proudly share with you that we give about 90% results in terms of giving permanent relief to our patients now.


Arogyam provides an Ayurvedic expert at your service for free consultation online and on-call. You can learn some tips to manage your allergies by calling our doctors or having an online chat with one of our Ayurvedic experts. Our Ayurvedic experts have been specially trained to provide personalized and authentic Ayurvedic treatment to the patients.


Arogyam provides full support to our patients by answering their queries thoroughly and satisfactorily. Another one of our core values at Arogyam is valuing our patients’ time and providing them with an authentic Ayurvedic treatment along with follow up sessions and full support during and after the treatment as well.