Ayurvedic Skin Allergy Treatment

Skin allergy patients experience itching, burning sensation, rashes, cuts, bruises, wounds, and flaky skin. Many times, the rashes have pus and can bleed too. We are the pioneers who treat allergies and have also presented a research paper in the European Academy of Ayurveda.

With a keen knowledge of natural healing techniques and a team of skin allergy specialists, Arogyam takes pride  in offering the best of Ayurvedic skin allergy treatment.

It is of three types:


All these 3 skin allergies have no treatment in allopathy. Patients are put on steroids and anti allergics which have temporary effects and more dangerous side effects.

 (Dr. Satnam Singh & Dr. Harveen Kaur)
As a VIP Speaker on Ayurveda in British Parliament (UK)
 (Dr. Satnam Singh & Dr. Harveen Kaur)
As a VIP Speaker on Ayurveda in British Parliament (UK)

Ayurvedic Treatment of Skin

Ayurvedic treatments offer an integrated approach towards curing skin allergies by performing both shodhana and sanshman chikitsa together. Arogyam’s skin allergy doctors are working 24/7 on the herbal treatment of people suffering from skin allergies.

Arogyam has treated children suffering from skin allergy for the last 21 years. Arogyam has catered to thousands of satisfied patients in India and abroad.

First Ayurvedic Allergy Hospital in India. We provide Skin Allergy Care Pack which combines precious herbs in the purest forms.

SKIN ALLERGY CARE PACK contains below listed products, formulated by M.D Ayurveda Doctors with best experiences in allergy


  • D.S.A: 5 gm in the morning & 5 gm in the evening
  • KHADIRADI VATI: You have to take a tablet in the morning and another tablet in the evening 
  • LIPPU OINTMENT: Apply locally on the affected area after taking a shower and before going to bed
  • AROGYAM SKIN PACK: Make a thin paste of this arogyam skin pack. Apply the paste on the affected area and then wash gently after 20 minutes. After washing, apply lippu ointment.

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  • DSA:(Arogyam for skin disorders) It is considered to be a polyherbal combination that assists in cleaning the blood of toxins i.e. kotha.
  • KHADIRADI VATI: Khadira is a potent herb which is known to make the skin clear of toxins. It also reduces itching like symptoms.
  • Lippu Ointment: Moisturizes, smoothens, and revitalizes the skin. Controls itching and thickening of skin cells.
  • AROGYAM SKIN PACK: It is a poly herbal combination meant to be applied locally on the skin. The blood purifying effect of its herbs renders a healing effect on the skin.

Why Ayurveda is better than Allopathy in Skin Allergy Treatment?

  • Arogyam is the first allergy hospital in INDIA that offers research-based treatment for all types of allergies. Our skin allergy specialists have treated thousands of patients.


  • Drink warm water frequently in small quantity
  • Eat fruits like guava, papaya, pear, peach, and apple, etc
  • Eat boiled vegetables
  • Doctors advise doing pranayama yoga for at least 15 minutes in the morning
  • Prefer homemade food. Do not eat spicy foods, pickles, rajmah, black dal, arbi, ladyfinger, rice, banana, buttermilk, curd, and fried or fast food.
  • Use mild, glycerine based soaps like pears
  • Mix lemon juice in curd and apply it on the scalp & Shampoo after 10 minutes. Do this skin allergy remedy once a week.
  • Wash clothes in warm water and dry under the sun properly.
  • Do not apply talc, perfumes, and deodorants, roll-ons, and hair dyes on the skin directly.
  • Try to use coconut oil instead of body lotions
  • Call us when you receive the medicine.

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